Identity Design

Xert is a fitness brand, with strong aspirations and potential to become a globally recognizable brand. Currently, in development, they are launching a Kickstarter and social media campaign in hopes to get the funding they need to develop their products. I helped Conrad and his team establish their core brand visual identity. The goal of this project is to target a specific audience, male and female high-earning consumers between the ages of 18 and 35. Additionally, as the brand is focusing mainly on online sales, the logo needs to be screen friendly.


Together we developed a logo and marks with all their iterations, posters and social media images. We established core brand values, target audience, fonts, and color scheme. All based around the concept of movement and the idea of going beyond, exerting yourself to the fullest, to do what ever it takes to achieve your goals.


Logo, Identity System, Color Scheme, Concept, Direction, Applications.

Completed: 2017