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Internal Website QA Automation Tool


A passion project initiated by a small group of people, with a goal to provide Wix In-House teams with an automated QA tool to simplify their workflow. In a few months the project became one of the most used internal tools and has been patented by the company.

Goals and Challenges

One of the main driving points of this projects was the fact that it was a complex platform built directly on the Wix Website Editor. With this came a lot of challenges and restriction we had to face. The main goal of the project was to create an extremely simple interface which can be used and understood by anyone, no matter which background they come from. But still convey the relevant information and guide you through the solution.


  • Leading the UX redesign effort

  • Craft end-to-end user flows

  • User Research and Interviews

  • Introduce new usability features

  • Implement a branded design language

  • Usability Sessions