Mobile Editor Features

Various features created for the Wix Mobile Editor


Collection of some products I have personally worked on for the Wix Mobile Editor. With the goal of providing Wix users with features for more control of how their mobile website presence will look like. And provide them with better ability to satisfy their site visitors.

Goals and Challenges

The unfortunate reality of the Wix Mobile Editor was the lack of relevant features and capabilities that exist on the market today. However during my time at Wix we have had many efforts to rectify this, and have brought to our users with significant improvements to their mobile website experience. With these projects we sought to provide the user with some of the most request features we could find. 


  • Market Research (Design, Experience, and Features)

  • On-Stage editing experience

  • Define product features

  • UoU (User of User) experience

  • Product Preset design 

Capabilities of the Old Mobile Menu product.

Capabilities of the New Mobile Menu product.

1. New Mobile Menu

A new mobile menu was one of the top feature requests both internally and externally. We answered these requests by completely re imagining the Mobile Menu editing experience and providing two new products: Menu Container and Menu Component. These offer the user complete control of design, layout and animation control. Something that was not possible with the old product.

2. Back to Top button

With the new back to top button we sought to provide the users with far more customization capabilities for the product. Allowing them to match the design of the button to their site language. 

3. Welcome Screen 

We wanted to provide our users with a ‘wow effect’ feature for their sites on mobile. We created a fully customizable "Splash Screen"  a feature which was very common on the market, but a demand we haven't answered for our users. The splash screen is displayed before the website loads on the site visitors device before the website is loaded.